Towards a Better Law Office This New Year

January 4, 2016| Last modified on September 3rd, 2022 MOS Medical Reviews 0 Comments

Law OfficeMedical record review for attorneys is a valuable service that lawyers can utilize to ensure better performance of their law practices. This can be obtained from a reliable medical record review company that offers customized services. Lawyers handling personal injury and mass tort cases will find the tedious task of reviewing medical records made easy. Along with it, the entire case preparation becomes easier and more efficient.

There are many other things that lawyers can incorporate into their practices in order to work more efficiently and spend more time on substantive things rather than non-core tasks. The most important thing is to incorporate the latest technology and enjoy the benefits offered.

Learn what is new in the industry and incorporate it into your practice: Identify the technological advancements in your area that you can put to good use, whether billing software, client contact management software or practice management software. These innovative applications will help you manage tasks that are time and labor intensive, and function better.

Go “green”: Managing paper records can be time-consuming and expensive. Costs include those related to paper and copier as well as storage costs. A good PDF program like Adobe Acrobat Professional allows you to convert scanned pages into text-searchable pages documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. In addition, it also allows to reduce file size and straighten out skewed pages. When performing a medical record review and you have a large set of records to manage, you can use tools such as the red rectangle tool or highlight tool to mark important parts of documents. Certain tasks can be automated using the “actions” feature. If you have a 500 page set of medical records, and around 40-50 highlighted portions, you can use an “action” to extract the pages with highlights alone that comprise the key records. The Bates stamp tool can be used to stamp the file name on the document and all the key records files from various sources can be combined into one file with the source of each file included at the bottom of each page in the Bates label. This will help avoid the task of going through thousands of medical records and have a shorter, completely annotated document to work with.

Enhance your online presence: Take a conscious effort to improve your visibility on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. With an increasing number of people active on social media, these venues have become the best places to connect with your prospective clients. Moreover, a strong social media presence will enhance your online image and improve your credibility.



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