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Medical Record Review for Insurance Companies

As an insurance company dealing in hundreds of personal injury cases, your requirement for comprehensive medical record review solutions may be high. In every case, quality, quick medical review solutions are absolutely necessary. This is where an efficient service provider like Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can help you. We provide state-of-the-art medical record review support services for insurance companies and a range of clients in the medical-legal industry. As a full service company, we aim to provide professional medical review services that will reduce the workload of insurance companies, and help in quickly identifying legitimate claims.

Call 1-800-670-2809 for more details on the medical record review services we provide for insurance companies.

Customized Service to Meet Client-specific

Medical Record Review

Medical Record Review for Insurance Companies

Trained professionals at our medical review company can identify the most efficient methods of delivering quality services to you. Understanding the importance of accurate and complete documentation, our team works to provide organized information in relation to a specific patient to the required level of detail.

We can provide chronology of charts containing, but not limited to

  • Patient demographic insurance information sheet
  • Consent of care
  • Emergency Department record
  • Order entry forms for laboratory, special testing, imaging
  • General medical orders by departments
  • History & physical examination report
  • Consults for specialized care
  • Progress notes [usually handwritten showing daily evaluations of current medical problems and progress in medical treatment]

Our Service Highlights

  • We work as an extension to your practice, not as another company.
  • Dedicated employees will manage and work only on your account.
  • QA in each department will audit activities in these areas on a daily basis; reports will be available to you.
  • Daily (as appropriate), weekly and monthly status reports
  • We can use any client centric software if needed.
  • Customizable TAT ( turnaround time) from 4 hours 6 hours, 8 hours 12 hours or 24 hours
  • We maintain all HIPAA and security regulations as necessary