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Medical Record Review for Case or Chart Review Firms

Medical record review services are a great option for case or chart review firms looking to lighten their workload and benefit from quality time gained. Service providers in this area provide accurate and reliable medical record reviews which are precise summaries of core details contained in your medical records. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides comprehensive support to the medico-legal industry with customized medical record review support services that meet the specific requirements of case or chart review firms. We can assist you with your basic as well as comprehensive medical chart review summaries, and other important documents.

Medical Record Review for Case or Chart Review Firms

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Medical Record Review


At MOS, our team of support personnel offers dedicated services. Our staff has experience working on the clinical side of the industry providing documentation. They review, analyze, and organize information and prepare charts pertaining to medical treatment, medical review, medical malpractice, and medical litigation.

Service Spectrum

  • Medical Record Organization
    • Provide medical records in an electronic format [imaged and indexed] compatible with the internal application/process flow
    • Transcribe physician notes/claimant interviews
  • Medical Case Chronology
    • Review, analyze, list and summarize all medical records for the medical case chronologically; prepare detailed medical chronology of all medical encounters
  • Medical Case Summary
    • Prepare a medical narrative/summary
  • Medical Case Customized Service
    • Developed in partnership with the client and can include transcribing, finding, reviewing, interpreting, and analyzing medical records facts/information.

Every review is put through a multilevel quality check process, wherein our QA staff reviews all the reports for accuracy and completeness.

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity & quality
  • Customizable turnaround times
  • Customized documentation
  • Multi level QA and audit trail
  • Flexibility to use any software
  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive pricing