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Medical Chart Review

Medical chart review should be an integral part of a healthcare provider’s compliance plan because it will ensure that the documentation is complete, all medical records are organized and medical billing and coding has been done accurately. A comprehensive medical chart audit will also ensure that you are billing only for covered services and those that are medically necessary. If you find it difficult to handle the chart review process, consider entrusting it to Managed Outsource Company (MOS), a firm experienced in providing professional review services to physicians, medical record management companies, insurance firms, law firms and other entities that require reviewing and summarizing of medical charts.


Medical Chart Review Services

MOS is focused on providing affordable services to clients. With us, you pay for completed pages and not input pages. Alternately, you can pay a flat fee without consideration of how big the chart is. For more details about our competitive pricing, contact us at 1-800-670-2809, or send us an email.

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Timely and Focused Medical Chart Audits

At MOS, we have a team of experts to review all major patient records in all medical specialties. We provide timely, focused, and complete review of charts pertaining to medical treatment, medical review, medical malpractice and medical litigation. Our medical chart audits will ensure the following:

  • Whether the documentation is correct and complete
  • Whether coding is accurate
  • Whether the documentation supports medical necessity
  • Whether the medical records meet compliance standards

We can provide you basic chart summary, or a more in-depth analysis ensuring high accuracy. Our medical chart reviews feature:

  • Complete responses based on the medical chart and published medical references (if required)
  • Relevant references from medical literature
  • Organized medical documentation

Customized Medical Review Services

MOS’ medical review services are customized to meet individual client requirements.

  • Our services enable healthcare providers to stay informed about proper documentation and coding compliance, while improving their revenue inflow.
  • Payers benefit from our comprehensive assessment of documentation, coding and billing that will facilitate speedy claims settlement.
  • Attorneys involved in medical litigation can have a clear view of the various medical aspects of a case and prepare their case accordingly.

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our medical chart review services. We look forward to helping you and fostering a long term association.