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Medical Case Chronology

Medical Case ChronologyA medical case chronology is a clear and precise timeline that lists all medical encounters experienced by the patient. Chronologies are reports that assume tremendous significance in medical litigation. Medical case chronology services provided by Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) are useful to attorneys, law firms, medical-legal consultants and insurance firms that have to deal with loads of medical records on a day to day basis.

MOS is a leading outsourcing company, providing complete support to the medical case review industry. We can efficiently take care of your medical chart review documentation jobs.

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Medical Case Chronology Support Services

MOS has a team of trained and experienced professionals to provide accurate medical case chronology that can be used advantageously to develop your case. With the medical chronology listed, we can then add on the component of explaining the case's medical components in the required language / narrative / summary format needs.

Serving as your medical review support company, we review, analyze, list and summarize all medical records into chronological format; and prepare a detailed medical chronology of all medical encounters. Our services are structured on a continuum of increasing complexity, detail, and analysis. You can select the service that will optimally address your needs.

For example:

  • Abstraction
    • Extract the most important pieces of information from the medical records
  • Episodic
    • Highlight relevant details from focused periods of care
    • E.g. discharge summaries, history & physicals, operative reports
  • Collaborative
    • Specific to claimant/patient problems
    • E.g. EMG/NCV report; MRI report; durable medical equipment

Proven Expertise and Flexible Options

We help in classifying relevant information from each medical record referencing the date of service, type of service, provider of service and place of service. We can assist in identifying potential missing medical records. We have QA staff in each department to audit all activities on a daily basis.